Take the Fan Experience to Another Level

The Fan Experience

Enhance the Experience for Your Fans

The WFN software is web browser based, meaning your customers do not need to find and load an application or "app". You can rest assured that new devices and operating systems will continue to function correctly in the future without a rewrite of the software, and studies show that up to 80% of people prefer to make purchases on their phone through the browser verses an app.

Imagine if you could do the following for your customers:

What if your chef could add nightly specials to the menu for the suite patrons two hours before the event instead of being a slave to a menu printed six weeks ago?

What if a customer could contact one of your roaming vendors without having to yell and scream at them?

What would that mean for your ticket sales? What would that mean for your concession sales?

This and so, so much more, can be the new reality for you and your customers.